8. About Me

Another year has passed, another piece of me is lost.

Happy Birthday, Shifa. Its been a very bad day for me. I had to work today and so much office politics was involved that I do not want to write it on my about me page.

Here goes, I am sad. My soul is sad. And maybe I know how to liberate myself but I don’t know if I can do it.

I still love fries. I still am holding myself back from having Blue lays. I have finally started working out so I may look like my old self, even if I don’t feel like her anymore.

I have nice people in my life and some people who make me cry and some who scare me. Its a long list.

Today was a very exhausting day. However, I am glad I am alive and am just who I am, a sacrificial lamb.

I wish I was braver.  I wish I was smarter. It is me who is suffering in the end, no one else.

It was my birthday and the people who were important to me forgot. And pretending that everything is okay. I am not going to hang on to them for it but I will not forget it either.

Priorities change, people change. I wish I would change. But I do not. I am who I was yesterday and a year from now. Only thing that changes is the weight of my heart. It keeps on adding on my chest. Now I feel like I weigh a tonne.

I am doing okay in my professional sphere. I am doing okay otherwise too. Emotionally, I am a cripple. And maybe that is okay too.

But it is not okay when people take advantage of it, and make it pretty obvious too. And these are the people I care abut which makes it even worse.

For what it is worth,  remember you are the most important person in your life. NO ONE is more important than you. Happy birthday. May you be happy and get everything you want and deserve.

Fuck the rest.