The Tale Of Three Brothers 4

Ignotus, the third Peverell, the wise, the humble
Went away from the bridge to save himself
Hoped the invisibility cloak would work
And death would never find him again
Death with all its will, couldnt find the third Peverell
Despite his efforts, the youngest stayed hidden
Beneath the cloak, safe from death!
Years passed and Ignotus aged
And only when he was ready to part with his breath
Did he take off the invisibility cloak
Passed it on to his son, a gift from legends
Greeted death as if old friends
Together they left this world as equals.

So be humble, be wise
Keep greed and lust away from your heart
It will destroy you, feed you poison
Marr your soul, never let you be whole
You will crave, you will perish
You will want to give up, you will want to die.
But be warned for the temptations are high
Your conscience is weak, no matter how much you fight

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