I Forgot

I thought and I racked my brains

To remember why the date seemed familiar

I could not recall

And today, It clicked.

I cannot believe, I did not remember.

It struck as momentous and yet I could not place my finger on it

Slippery slope, this memory is

Eroding away, identities, relations, time.

My Ghost 

You are my ghost, you pass through me 

When you smile at me, I revolve around you 

Like moon is to earth 

I am to you, wisps of the wind 

Playing tricks, I see through you 

As you pass right through me for you are my ghost 

A friendly wisp of the wind, surrounding me. 


Expressive eyes, hateful eyes

Of a child watching his mother being chastised, for reasons he doesn’t yet understand.

Curious eyes, hateful eyes

Of a long lost friend to jealousy, with a fake smile clapping mechanically

Weary eyes, hateful eyes

Of a person caught up in chains, as less deserving get ahead, watching in vain

Determined eyes, hateful eyes

Running away with heart filled with loathing, into the arms of solitude

Hateful eyes, concealing eyes

Reflecting hurt, invisible

Gathering storm, hence the silence

Waiting to unleash the love gone bad.