Cut Out My Heart

You dont believe me
You dont trust me
As withered as the red autumn leaves
My heart silently grieves
Wondering what I can really do
To make you mine
I could move mountains for you
But I know you wouldnt want that
I could cross oceans for you
But it wouldnt matter to you
I could build bridges to make it easy for you
But you are so strong yourself
My heart aches to be near you
To give you proof of my love
To declare that my affection is true
As deep as the canyon gorges
My heart rings true to your name
With your every breath, my heart bows in sanctity
Thanking my lord for a gift so great
A game of gamble played by fate
But you are unaware of me
How can I really make you see?
Cut out my heart and see the pain I feel
Let me bleed so I can die for you
Cut out my heart and take it
As it has been yours forever sure
Cut it and tear it from my chest
Relieve me of the burden I bear
I will hold my love for you
For eternity in solitude.

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