I know nothing

I know nothing of romance, no heart beats, no violins

But, I know little of flowers, petals in my diary, withered but close

I know nothing of the yearning of a lost beloved

But, I know the pain of separation, the uneasy frame of mind

I know nothing of the mourning that comes with parting ways

But, I know a little about the tears which come over a fond memory

I know nothing of love

But, I know a little of sacrifice for the other to suffice

I know nothing of proof of fealty

And yet I know little of faith, a little of loyalty

A little of you, and a little bit about me.


What do you look like nowadays?

Are you still the same, or have you changed

Morphed into someone I cannot recognise, out of sync

Is your smile same as what I remember, will it stop my heart just the same?

Do my memories do justice to your face, your warm embrace?

Mind refuses to make new faces, its stuck with you in my past

Holding on to numbered days, like weed in a dirty pond

Do your fingers still have the electric touch, that I felt once?

The curve of your smile, the sharp dip of your chin

The wavy hair, moving in the wind, is it all the same?

Or have you changed, leaving me a companion called pain?


I may have written too much about those walls

Walls that I have felt for a long time

Around me, limiting me, ageing me

Beyond my years, as my vision is blocked

To see what lies ahead, if I could just budge

And the walls wouldn’t budge, as I push forward

Once, I talked about those walls for reasons I have forgotten

Now, the walls have my attention again

For I am being kept apart from everything I love

Walls, hold me tight, never let me go

Like lover, like a guide

I know not to move, until the walls tell me to move

Walls, walls, walls, are they brick red or just walls over my head

Eyes cannot see, but my body can feel

The walls.

I want reciprocity

Its a two way street, there is two of us

Moving ahead, even if not together, but marching on

Leaning on, finding solace in the dark

Lighting the way, its how it should be


No conditions in love, I agree

But no response, from the other side can wan the Moon of your dreams

Deadbeat, wall-like, careless if you can be

Its another word for doom, a word being used liberally

Reciprocate, so I know you’re still here

If not here, still here, around me, thinking of me

Reciprocate, so I know I am not the only fool

Giving away the prime of my years for one who is absent

In my life, but dominates my mind

Mind is fickle, its heart that latches on until the veins are full

So reciprocate, for me, so I know we are walking together

With hope to find each other again.

Happy Birthday, Shifa

Its another year gone by, loneliness isn’t going anywhere

I wish I could go back, to a simpler life

Where I was who I am, and no one would know me

Its a wish that you be happy, its a wish that you smile

No one will make you feel special, so the pleasure is all mine

Laugh, smile and go with it, for you are your own wind

Under the wings, soaring to the sky

To an old age, one step at a time.