Wonder what all that was about?
Stopping dead in my tracks
While watching her move towards me.
I didn’t know that beauty
But I was eager to get acquainted
She was a symbol of elegance
Of true poise and charm
Undeniably pretty but reserved it seemed
Such power she had over me!
Made me stop and stare at her
All the while she was approaching me.
My mouth was all dry
My pulse racing and my heart pounding
As she reached me and greeted
I opened my mouth but the words got stuck
She waited while I gathered my bearings.
But all I could do was stare.
She was the one who ruled my dreams
She was the answer of all my wishes
Yet I stood there unmoving
Trying to clear my mind
But her beautiful face clouded my vision
I dove into her clear green eyes
Lost in those emeralds  of pride
Her hair was below her waist
Slowly blowing around her face
While her skin was dreamy white!
I longed to know her
But I could only stare as she walked away
Gulping down the lump in my throat.
I was shocked by my behaviour
But I couldn’t resist!
She was the one for me it seemed
The elegant and pretty woman of my dreams.

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