Pitiful State

I thought it over and I
thought again
So many people
labelled me so
I wonder why?
Do they not like my
Or do I not say what
they want to hear?
I hurt and I grieve that
I have to prove
That the voice is true,
what I say is true!
Why dont you believe
Why is it that you dont
trust me?
Am I not good enough?
Do I not deserve a
benefit of doubt?
I would say all this out
But all you would say is
“Dont lie!”
Now the voice just died
inside, It will never be
heard again.
Ended yet another day,
another flaw in my plan
I am not a liar, I say
You dont believe me,
So I save it for another
I let you shout and I let
you growl
I will not be there to
hear your scorn
You dont belive me,
you can simply get up
and leave.
Leave for good.

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