Destructive Anger

I snatched the Hope from the top shelf and threw it hard on the floor of deceit
I watched as it broke into a million pieces and heard the smash vibrate through my heart
I then took my Faith out and let it fall with equal force on the floor of lies
It splintered and shattered and shards flew across the shiny surface
I looked at the pieces glinting in the dry sunlight like diamonds
Next were my dreams, my beliefs, my convictions.
The trust I proudly wore, I took it out and broke its core.
I did not cry, I did not mourn
I just kept smashing each and everything I owned.
I shattered what I could shatter, I tore what I could tear
Looking at the bare shelves of trophies I used to display
Then at the pieces on the floor,  with dismay.
For there was nothing that I could do or say.

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