Apparently Apology Isn’t Enough

Make mistakes, we do indeed
Some small and many big
Fall in shame, head hung low
Realise our errors and drown in the guilt
Say sorry to all those we hurt
I did Apologise from the depths
All they returned was scorn and frowns
Disregarding my shame and apology
The heaviness in my heart, the sadness in my eyes
Goes unnoticed in their anger
They all pounce on me and hurl curses at me
Standing there in surrender, I take it all with head hung low
I accept my mistake, I acknowledge my folly
But I ask for forgiveness in the name of all thats holy
But my pleas are ignored, my hands left bare
They fume, they insult and they scowl at me
While I take it all even after apologising
As apparently apology isnt enough for anyone
They will now hurt me for what I have done.

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