Her Golden Glow

Fading into the glow of sunset, I watched as she shined
Stealing away my heart and wounding my pride
Such a beauty that I fell for her right there in the glowing moment
All bathing in gold and red, the world ablaze from her glow
The gleam in my eyes reflecting her shine
Warming my heart, percolating to the eyes
I vowed to make her mine, never to lose something so divine
I set out my heart to court hers
Threw myself into the battle for all I was worth
Finally she yielded and let me in
She said she loved me but little did she know
That she owned my very heart and soul
She took it lightly and trudged on the fragile ice
Broke it into a thousand fragments as I bled and wept for her vice
Her cruel beauty hurt me so that I broke
Never to be whole, never to love again
I did all I could but she remained aloof
I was all but the love of her life
She played me around her white, long fingers
She stabbed me through and through
But I still wait in the hope that one day
The golden glow will come back
That once again her beauty will mesmerize me
That her love will pull me back from hell
That her heart will be mine and heal me forever.

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