Euphoria II

The Sun shines bright and so do you

Euphoria, from the ashes renew, a new me and a different you

Time will pass and time will tell

Where we stand, where we end

Its not about the light, its Euphoria

Of being the closest, to you, with you

In realms of dreams, we can come true

To hope, to success, to something bright and new

The Sun shines bright and so do you

Where the Sun doesn’t shine

Summer, when the wind blew, the Sun shone enough to blind the eyes

I held your hand, as we walked through life

Carefree and easy were the years spent together

Question arose, when you named it “a mere chapter”

Easy to say you meant well, maybe not what I felt, but something strong too

If it was a chapter, and the summer is over

The grass is no longer green, the Sun is no longer shining

I pick up the phone by my pillow every now and then, even when its not on silent, checking for a message

Just for me, maybe, something you saw reminded you of me

Maybe, I would close my eyes, and there you’d be.

Right by my side, holding me close as if never to let go

When did the present become a memory, when did a right become a fantasy

The endless waiting, the unpleasant badgering

Social life dictates, you say, its my commitment you say

A handful of newness trumps the laughter, the love, the happiness once woven together into a warm sweater of trust

Now these are just words being woven into one another as a comfort blanket to me so I can stay warm in a world where the Sun doesn’t shine.

Blow a candle

It is a love that consumes, the love I feel for you

A love I wish I had more of, the less it is, the more I want

Growing together is a gift indeed, wish I could tell you to your face

Miss you, I do

Hope to be around the aura of brilliance that is you

A star in the galaxy, somewhere in the cosmos

I believe you to be, the brightest of them all

You’re in my thoughts, in my actions, more than what I let on

Be it so, for if I know that you love me the most of all

Today is your day, be it what you may

So blow a candle and make a wish,

For a better tomorrow for you.

Will I?

Love when there is no hope

When towns are torn, and cities run to the ground

For love is the desert rose

Pleases the eye, but makes you feel the sting

I will love you even when the summers end, the harvest dies and takes away the wind, even when its cold and I can no longer feel my toes

For love is hope, love is my desert rose