Survival Is Painful

An end but a new beginning
Relief is what a person gets when he dies
An end to the pain, to the sorrows of this world
A new beginning, a new journey
But for those who survive
Its a death blow to them
The pain intensified
Mourning for the lost soul
The pain lapping the hole, the gap left by the dead
Survivors are heroes
Who die everyday
Fight for every breath they take
A son who mourns her mother
A mother who mourns her son
A daughter who mourns her father
A father who mourns her daughter
The anguish of losing a granny
And a grandpa
Losing a part of one’s life
Leaving empty vacant spaces
Reliving their memories
Feeling the agony emanating from them
The cries and pleas ring in my ears
To be spared, to be saved
Never to carry the burden of surviving
Never to mourn the dead and the dying.

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