No Pity

I do not pity, I do not bow my head in charity.
Call me heartless, call me mean
To mourn for others, I am not so keen
To grieve for those I know not
Even if I do, I will not fake if I don’t feel sorry
I will, if I can, help to ease out the pain
But I will never stand and watch the funeral.
Pyres burning, graves freshly dug
I am not one who pretends, I am not a thug
I will not stand there and pray for the lost souls
I will not be solemn, I will not be kind
I wont feel guilty if my eyes dont water at somebody else’s misfortune
If I cannot help, I choose to ignore.
I block out the sentiment, I guard my demons.
I do not shed tears that don’t find my heart as their origin
I do not have tears to waste on pretension
I do not give out pity in small packets of sugar coated words
I will be cruel and I will be vicious
But I refuse to be sickly sweet,
Too sweet to give you a toothache
I don’t have fake emotions
Call me heartless, my friend
I take pride in that for I do not give pity
I do not show sympathy.
I cannot help, I block
I block, I turn into myself
I have a heart, too precious for you to see
Thats why I do not show pity, I don’t bow my head in charity.

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