That moment

I was pinning my hopes to it
How do you expect that I will let it go ?
Without a fight
Just like that !
I am not that strong
To take every single blow
But I am not that weak
That I will cry and mourn!
I will not let go
No matter how hard you pull me away
I am strong enough to hold my ground
I cannot take back what was mine
Sadly, you are not willing either
But I refuse to carry the load
As darkness has engulfed my road!
You have numbed my senses
I feel dead inside
I don’t feel your pressure
And I am happy that its making you work hard!
I will never give in
You took what was mine
You took my something divine
Davouring everything I ever had
Everything I lived for
Gone, taken, snatched, deprived!
I will never beg for mercy
Boil my skin, burn my flesh !
I will lay everything just for that moment
The moment I will be waiting for
When nothing you do or say will affect me
I will be free to take what was mine
I will savour that moment
Capture it in my dead heart!
That moment when you will see the ashes of me !
When you will feel my pain
When I will relish in your suffering!
That moment will be mine forever.

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