Someone asked me one day
“Do you believe?”
I thought about it hard
but could not reply
I was confused
I had never expected such a question
I was taken aback
I knew that I believed
“I am sure of it !” I said with relief.
I was happy and with glee
shouted myself silly.
I then I never doubted
I was firm!
But over the years
life became difficult
my hardships, an insult
to my belief
For a certain while
I never thought of it
Ignored it as much as I could.
But still, it was there
in my mind
I could not brush it away
They said how could I hold on
I just smiled back
I learned that some lose the grip of belief
in loss or in grief!
But some do win
with the help of their kin
Some believe
and some don’t
It is a matter of choice
to each their own

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