The Voice

Banging on the door of my mind

is a small voice

“Let me out!” it pleads.

For escaping, it bleeds!

I hate to hear it scream

but it is a part of my dream

A nightmare that haunts me

in the day and in the night

never leaving my mind.

As the voice gets louder

I shiver with fear

but every time it happens

I close my eyes and endure it all.

Then after what seems like an eternity

it subsides but never goes away

hammering in my mind for a way.

A throbbing  heart in me wails

for peace, for ending the turmoil inside.

I feel that I am a slave of the voice

It never leaves me, no matter my choice!

I wish I could let the voice out

but I don’t know how,

I don’t !

This voice is controlling me

pushing me to the extreme limits

never considering that it is tearing me apart !

I wonder whose voice is that

which resides in me,

torments me without pity

and drives me crazy.

I am broken inside beyond repair

and the voice doesn’t  even care !

I can’t let it out since

I locked my mind and lost the key.

I am not able to go back the step I came.

I wish this struggle would end soon

or else I will succumb to the never ending doom !


Shifa Naseer





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