Breathing Fire

Feeling as if my head will explode
From the heat emanating from my core
I cannot handle this much of anger
It seems my heart is building a fire
Kindling it with all I have
All my hope, my belief, my strength
Gone up in ashes and left in dust
My heartbeat is fast from the fire I breathe
My hatred rising as I fume and seethe
Breathing fire, I lose control
My anger and spite acting as petrol
I spit, I breathe, I refuse to see
I will take my revenge, showing no mercy
Vengeance is terribly sweet and satisfying
My feelings betraying and defying
No way to stop myself from going on
All will be destroyed in the wake of dawn
For treating me like a disposable pawn
Breathing fire, I will charge forward
Burn it all, turn it to ash
Until my strength will fall or crash

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