Dream or Nightmare!

Yesterday I had a dream

the dream was very sad

as in it, I saw my dad !

He was looking at me

with his green eyes so deep !

Trying to tell me something

but I couldn’t figure it out

I could see his lips moving

but I couldn’t hear what he was saying !

This bugged me and I started moving closer

but he shook his head and held up his hand

which was filled with sparkling sand !

The wind picked up speed

whipping my hair like a weed

Dad’s expression said it all

He was leaving me

My pulse began to race

as it was reality which I was about to face !

Dad looked at me

and I felt him close to me !

I didn’t dare to blink

for fear of losing him .

The wind did all it could to keep me at bay

beneath me, my legs gave way !

With a final thud of hopelessness and desperation

I fell to the ground.

Dad let loose the sand in his hand

which whirled around me

I closed my tear-brimmed eyes

and sucked in a deep breath !

When I opened my eyes

I was in bed

My dream was over and my head was spinning !

Was it a dream or a nightmare ?

Guess I don’t care !

Still I got up to face yet another day

full of ups and downs along its way !


Shifa naseer

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