The more I try to stand
The more I slip and fall
Invisible chains hold me down
Dont let me get up and hold my ground
I silently plea to let me free
To unwind my blindfolds and let me see
So that I stand and walk away
To achieve what I lost that day
I refuse to accept I was robbed
I reject all help from them
They hurt me deep inside
My heart bear the gashes of their assault
Hurt, hurt to see what I have become
A mere tattered soul in disguise
I bleed my pain, my sorrows in vain
No one came to aid me
And now I wont let them near me
I will slip and I will stand
No matter how many times
But I will hold my head high
Not betraying my fear and weakness
Except my eyes which accuse with such intensity
That I myself feel fear
Fear of losing control
Fear of falling, fear of giving way.

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