6. About Me

28th April, 2017.

My Birthday has passed and its time for another “About Me” page. It is always exciting to write this page every year. Its like a tradition for my blogging time!



My name is Shifa Naseer. I am an obsessive person. I love predictability in my life. But ironically, I my temperament is not as predictable as I had hoped it would be. My anger issues are still unresolved. I am really short tempered. Anything ticks me off and once I go down that road, it is only french fries which can pull me back (or maybe chicken).

I havent had blue lays in months. I am in remission successfully since december, 2016. Lets hope I do not slip. My health has improved. I have lost weight. My hair is long again! Let me tell you a little secret. I feel like cutting it off again. I know I know, I will regret it the second I do that but I really want short hair and I will dye it ash grey. How cool would that be?!

I am graduating this year. Big girl, huh? I am scared!


I dont know what I should be doing after college ends. I had some plans but now its all a shadow. I am getting off the train only because it terminates here without knowing where to go. But  I know fate has a plan better than I could ever imagine.

Yes, I am not as pessimistic as I used to be. Its there in me but its dormant. It will raise its head now and then.

I am as lazy as ever, maybe even more than I used to be.

My favourite colour is still red however, I have taken a liking to sea green too lately.

I think thats about it.

See you next year.