Its our college fest tomorrow. And I, who doesnt really work or volunteer for anything, did work this time. And I did some good work. 

We worked till late in the night. It was exciting and exhausting at the same time. 

I will upload the pics of the fest too! 

I feel so proud of myself. 😆


Coffee And More 

I take too much sugar in my coffee. 

Sometimes life gives you a reflection of yourself in someone else and when you have so much in common, its like the good part is just the beginning. This someone is my friend, Tushar. We share our birthdays! He is sort of my alter-ego. I am not sure about it but lets see. 

Here he is. One of the most unreliable people out there!  😆😆 

I have no idea why I mentioned him here today. Maybe,  I just wanted to set a milestone about him before he vanishes as usual. He just walks out on people,One of his perks I would say. But thats okay. 😋

A Title?

This blog is so depressing. I wonder how people read it. I just realised it.


The waves crush me over and over

As I go along with them, water rushing over me

Under me, around me

Engulfing me

I wake up

Sweat and beats of my heart, my dark room

And wide, open, scared eyes.

Lies And Betrayal 

Lies, all lies they were 

That life is something to love and cherish 

You said those words and convinced me 

And yet I see myself on the shore, crying with the waves 

For the lost sea of tears 

That wash away with the winter rain

I feel betrayed for I  was made a fool 

A Fool of my own making

Silly, stupid trust.