I am Done

I went on and came this far
With evidence in the form of my scars
So much I saw and how much more
It seems the sadness has been etched into my core
I am done asking for mercy
My hopes have vanished and gone
My spirit defeated and torn
My soul is in tatters while my heart is bleeding
They feed me despair
Taking everything for all that I cared
Leaving my life empty and hollow
They lead and I blindly follow
They force me to smile
Freeze my muscles in mid air
Oh! To hell with them
I dont care for anything anymore
I swear I will choke them if they dont leave me alone!
They act as if they are in pain
While they are far from it.
Believe me I know
I know it better than they do!
I have felt it in my veins
The blinding ache
The little bit of calm they have
Is to keep me from screaming
But they are unaware of the turmoil inside me
The war being waged by my pride
I am done and through with them
This time I will close my eyes for good
Let the end surround me
I never reached to the final ground
But I am done and still it feels heaven
I dont want my end whatever it may be
All I want to do now is to be free
I am tired and I wish to die
They wont give it i know
As they wont even let me cry!
So I will fight for my release
Until the last breath left in me
I am done and had had enough
All I want is liberation
And just fly away to my happy nation

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