Take My Mind Off Things

I stare at that insect
A tiny, tiny pest
Watch as it flutters its wings
Ready to take flight
Why do I do that?
Why do I stare at that pest
Yet I do as it makes me forget
Even momentarily that I dont have a care
It provides a good distraction
From the buzz in my head
It serves to take my mind off things
So I can breathe with ease!

I stare at the limitless sky
Finding shapes in the clouds
While really looking for a way out
It does me no good
Yet I stare at the vastness
Hoping to get lost in it
To escape, to free myself
And so I look and I plead
To engulf me in its unlimited space

I stare at the ever stretched out horizon
With wonder in my eyes
At the junction of the sky with the surface on which I stand
I run to chase the end
I know I wont reach it
But I still do
In the hope to lose myself in it
To find liberation
To finally let go
To take my mind off things.

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