Fair Repayment

Wash away the regrets that you have
Let go of what could not be yours
It will come back to you
By a little faith, with a little hope
Strong should be your will
Steadfast should be your mind
To hold on to your life
To build something of your own
The pain you bear will vanish
The sorrows will let you breathe
I do not guarantee your liberation
All I can do is pray and pray more
That your struggles lead you to the shore
Drenched in the sea of sorrows
No help, you are on your own
But remember what you went through
Never give in to dissipative forces
Know that what you lost will be conpensated
All that you had will be replaced by the best
Expect fair repayment for God is always there
Doing justice when nothing seems fair
Believe in your destiny
Dont let the false forfeit your hope
You will get what you deserse
You will be favored by your fate
As all good things happen to those who wait

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