I Am Sorry I Cannot Pretend To Be An Optimist

You say to think happy thoughts
Make life better by smiling all the time
Hah! Its not that easy
I cannot have that false reassurance
All will never be okay
Its going to be as gloomy as ever
I cannot lie to myself and you
Write optimistic you say !
What is it really ?
We all die in the end
That is this life’s trend
So whats there to be hopeful
I will end up in my grave
Mourning my death
Like I mourned those whom I loved
It all comes down to this
I see what’s clear
You see what you want to see
You are afraid to face it
But I know where I am and my path is lit
I am sorry I cannot be hopeful
Its not in me to pretend, to lie
Just for the sake of a faltering smile

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