The Sorrows Of The Night

Wailing for the day past and gone
The sun setting down the horizon
Bathing the world in its reddish glare
Bringing the afternoon chaos to an end
People retiring to their homes
A refuge from the descending darkness
Kids run off from the playground
As their mothers call them
The markets and the streetshops close off for the day
Some satisfied, some dismayed
As the last red ray of the sun dies
No on is in sight!
That’s when the dark night reigns
Spreading and engulfing the whole world
It screams the scream of silence
The night with its black silhoutte
Laments the death of another day
Holding the world in its dark embrace
It cries for the sorrows and the pain
The night if full of it all
The colour of mourning
The colour of sadness
Black is the colour in which we all reside
True to us is the night
Expressing the truth hidden in daylight
It never lies! The dark, the night!
Dreading the shiny glow of the moon
The night relates its story
Sad, yet true with passion
It tells the right, while we sleep
Hidden under our roofs
It tries to warn
Yet we ignore its call in our false bliss
This is the sorrow of the night
Being unheard and never felt
While the shimmer of the dawn arrives
It slowly retreats and melts away
Dejected, disappointed at the futile efforts
The sorrows of the dark night never end
While the light and dark together intermix and blend!

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