It is real, it is not in my head

It is not something I imagine, out of fear or loss

It is not what you say it is

It is what I feel, and if that hurts, it is real for me.

It is a bottomless pit of hope, a spiraling staircase

A never-ending tunnel, a brakeless train.

I am blindfolded, or is it the world that’s blind.



Miles and miles, the surface extends

Its water, calm and stagnant

Unmoving, unchanged

Deep below the currents move, they move to disrupt the floor

The water lashes here and there and yet on the surface


Knowing not, the onlooker praises the sight

Knowing not, its a turmoil inside

Someone is drowning somewhere, pushing, fighting, all to no avail

It’s cruel, the flowers I hold

As I watch the growing mould

By the side, water laps at the edges

Urging me on, to freedom

The currents would carry me away, Ripples are all, of you, that will stay.


Have You Looked At Me Lately?

Knowing you, I wouldn’t put it through

I know its different lives, running parallel

Intersecting at infinity

But if I may ask

Have you looked at me lately?

The bags under my eyes, the dry skin of my cheeks

The lifeless face, the sagging shoulders

How many ways do I put this to you?

Knowing you, a thousand times more

And it wouldn’t matter,

It won’t even if I beat my chest in front of you

Or dance the dance of insanity

For life is making me insane

You were supposed to be the shield to my armour

And now it’s all battered

So tell me,

Have you ever looked at me lately?

Fancy a Joke! 

Life is like a constant struggle.

Not a struggle to survive though, surviving is easy 

What the struggle really is:

You are trying to get the keys out of the bag slung across your back. The bag is facing inwards and you are carrying stuff in your hands as well. That makes the turning difficult. 

It’s raining, and you need that key to unlock the door so you could escape the rain. 

You cannot reach the bag’s chain.

After much struggle, you manage to open the chain and pull out the key, only the key got stuck in a loose thread on your shirt. 

Yanking it free, and tearing the shirt in the process, you turn the key and unlock the door. 

Finally, you reach the landing and have another door to unlock. 

The rain obstacle isn’t there anymore but what is interesting to note that the key to the  second door is missing from the bunch.

Sudden panic and rewinding your actions and the places where you could’ve dropped it. 

Finally, breathing in deeply, you put the load down and go through the bag from which you struggled so hard to take out the key. 

Voila, after some painfully, hopeless moments, you find the key which had come loose from the bunch and unlock the door.

Second obstacle taken care of. 

And the out of the blue, your paper bag in which there is a lot of stuff decides to have a mind of its own and tears apart. 

Out of nowhere. 

Things roll down the stairs as you try to catch them all. 

And that my friends is what life really is. 

A dance to catch things before they fall. 

A juggle, a circus, a joke.