Writing a Masterpiece

I wanted to write a masterpiece, so I wrote about you

I wanted to form words that would blur the world for me, so I threw some light on you

I am no stranger to pain, so I painted my sorrows, and you

I started writing my masterpiece, started writing about you

I thought a lot about me, and I wondered a lot about you

I wanted the pain to go away, so I poured it all on paper, and you

I wrote about my masterpiece, which was all about you.


You became my muse, when I wanted to shine too

A little drought had set me back, but you were my rain, a lightening strike too’

Its not easy to weave words, and express feelings, but it was you and I just knew

You were my muse, my muse for the masterpiece I wanted to write ever since I met you

Little do I think about about I, its always been about you

I wanted to move the world with my words, jumble them together, bend them to my will

Take your breath away, I wanted such a masterpiece


Dreams are lies, words are hollow, and time is a trick

Distance is real, as real as the wounds, fresh from a fall

I wanted to tell the world about my pain, about my sorrows, I wanted them to cry for me

For my dreams were lies and my words mean little and time has tricked me so

That no matter how much I wrote, the world didn’t move, the world didn’t cry

No one saw what I went through, no one knows I am dying inside

So I decided to write a masterpiece, about you and about me

About the times spent together, a time which feels more real than my reality today

My masterpiece, my dream, my words for you.


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