Better things to do

I once read, “I hope life is not a joke, because I don’t get it.”

At the time, it may have eluded me as to what the writer must have meant.

But now, I think we are on the same page.


No one, literally no one will lose sleep over you

No one will skip meals for you

So you better be your own lullaby, and find solace in warm french fries

No one will tell you that they will stay by you, even if they say it, they lie.

So pat your own back, and dust off the old machines

No one will hold your hand, and even if they do, they will let go when you need it the most

Ask them why, they have better things to do.


What a stupid question from a silly, silly thought?

No one will hold you, or be there for you

Even if they do, its for their own sake, its not about you

Believe otherwise and you choose to be the fool

Because, no one has the time today, everyone has better things to do.


One thought on “Better things to do

  1. Very powerful emotive write. I hope your writing helps ease/release the pain of always feeling left behind (dare i say, used(?)….We do come here “alone” and we “leave alone”….I hope you are able to experience the love & trust to be found during this time….write until the pain no longer calls your name (hugs)! Thank you for sharing & hope i didn’t step bounds. Much Love!

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