Hospital waiting room

I am stuck in a hospital waiting room with the doctors and the nurses bustling around

With all airs, they tower over the crowd, looking all important and waving people here and there

I was supposed to get checked too, maybe had an appointment

I paid the fee, I took the appointment and I waited in one of those waiting chairs

It was a premium OPD, mind you, but I was asked to wait.

So, wait, I did.

Sleep was overpowering, the pain in my head losing control over me

I took the onslaught, as I waited in the premium OPD for a doctor that never showed

Mad, I got up and walked over to the counter

Mad, I asked for a refund and to be moved to a general OPD which was cheaper

I was heard, I was ignored, I was told to wait, I was told to be patient

I was a patient, and I was in pain, no one cared

That I was waiting for a long time for an appointment that never came

It all happened in a hospital waiting room.

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