Poor Little Girl

Grief is gnawing at my heart today, so many losses, so much pain.

It’s hard, but real. It’s unseen but it’s there. 

I cannot fathom why I must go through suffering 

One which sets my teeth on edge 

Makes my head spin, recoil, and turn to mush 

Comprehending why is it like whatever it is. 

I am tired, I am sad and the feelings dont seem to pass with time 

It has stopped, forever, for me. 

In this moment of grief, woe to me and woe to you 

For listening my tale of terrible, terrible grief.

My failures are many, more is my failure of being in the public eye 

To have my feet cut off from under me

To have me pulled down, being dragged with the currents 

Drowning, the people point and turn and tell and whisper 

Poor little girl. 


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