Ticking Tale

What is love for me, you ask?

A laugh, a smile, a hug is all

An embrace, the comfort, that it will be okay

Is what love is for me, I say. 

One person in the crowd, at one point in life 

Will make you see, the stars above the canopy

Make you wonder, whta life could be. 

Ignite a fire, like a dying star

Lay low the darkness, the dull, dull mind.

Fireworks as they say in the movies 

Love is ideal, it is a fantasy 

One which you live, once, can never go back to reality 

Utopia, it’s surreal, is what love is. 
It’s dark, it hurts, it burns me through 

I am ash, oh I am waning like the morning moon

It’s dull it’s dusk, it’s dark in my soul

It impure, it’s a cancer 

It’s killing me for sure. 

I need escape, I see water 

I see blood, I see an end. 

Love, what have you done?

With death, a pact, sold my soul

Oh love, I am undone. 

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