Stay for you have my heart
Stay for we promised to never be apart
Stay for you rule my soul
Stay! Without you I cannot be whole
Stay for you are my joy
Stay for I am your tears
Stay for I will heal your wounds
Stay for you will fill my emptiness
Stay for our fate is entwined
Stay for we are meant to be
Stay for life is short to waste it on faults
Stay to fight with me, play with me
Stay to laugh with me, cry with me
Stay for you are a part of me
Stay as you and I are meant to be.

10 thoughts on “Stay

  1. Lovely!! timing is everything..I came here to thank you for visiting my blog and then I read this! how did you know I couldn’t get the song by Rihanna Stay out of my head since last night, hence the poem I wrote last night. Glad to bump into you…look forward to read more. Namaste

  2. Awww…sure I’ll stay…huh? Oh, you meant, oh, ok I see πŸ™‚ Seriously, this is a beautiful poem.

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