I was born,my mother held me to her breast

Nursing me, cuddling me, telling me she loved me

Hope in her eyes, to give me everything that was denied to her.

Little do the dreamers know, that fate is out to get you

As I grew, the walls around me grew too

I was a girl, in a man’s world.

Back in the day, I loved wearing skirts

It was banned for fear of odd eyes oogling my fair skin

I loved letting my hair down, play with the wind

It was banned for who knew who would get entangled in my tresses

I loved to run, to play out of my house with other beings my age

It was banned for the fear of an unfavourable eye, touch, or worse, an insult

As I grew older, the confinement grew with me

Years have passed, the restrictions have not left me yet

Though, I breathe in air which is less dense in norms

I feel the prickle of the ban, that I overthrew, somewhat

Mind is fickle, it has been trained, it will take time

But I will take my sweet time to burn free from the ropes

I do not want another ban, banning my restrictions

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