I want reciprocity

Its a two way street, there is two of us

Moving ahead, even if not together, but marching on

Leaning on, finding solace in the dark

Lighting the way, its how it should be


No conditions in love, I agree

But no response, from the other side can wan the Moon of your dreams

Deadbeat, wall-like, careless if you can be

Its another word for doom, a word being used liberally

Reciprocate, so I know you’re still here

If not here, still here, around me, thinking of me

Reciprocate, so I know I am not the only fool

Giving away the prime of my years for one who is absent

In my life, but dominates my mind

Mind is fickle, its heart that latches on until the veins are full

So reciprocate, for me, so I know we are walking together

With hope to find each other again.


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