The monotonous drag

Shit, the every day routine

I wouldn’t have minded

But its eating away my time too

Fuck, shit, shit, shit, shit, the headache

The dry eyes, the painful blink,

Forgotten meals, forgotten self

Fuck, fuck, fuck

Did not sign up for this.

Shit, shit, shit, fuck, shit

More shit, as if I care

Now I really don’t

I was not born to be sacrificed at your altar

Fuck, fuck, fuck, find my release

I want a way out, dont take my time

Its yet to ripe

Shit, shit, shit, I am losing myself

In something I do not care

But its just one day, and No was all they could say

Did I sell my soul when I signed up?

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I am lost today, fuck

Fuck, shit, shit, shit, shit

I want out.

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