Imagining the chaos, the mess
Yet everything so right and in place
A perfect image, pure and sacred
While trudging through it
I find myself in peace
Inspite of the wilderness around me
The home of secrets and mystery
It carries in its depths
Try to solve and get lost
In its mesmerising puzzle
Nature’s place of saving her favourites
Which it cannot bear to give up to mankind!
The folliage of trees
Bent down to hug the ground
The wild shrubs and bushes
Broken branches and torn leaves
Sound of bumbles bees
Burying their heads in wild flowers
Which dance in rhythm with the gentle breeze
The moist soil helps to leave behind my mark
Soft and yielding but unmoving
The cuckoo and the pecker
All voicing their glee
At such serene beauty!
My heart goes out to their purity
And wish to stay out in wilderness
But it cannot be so
The silence, the serenity
Is not for me
I must go on
All this will continue to remain
Even when I shall be long gone
Into sounds which drown the hearts
Away from the perfect picture
Of prettiness
The magical mystery  of untouched wilderness…

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