The Sparkling SKY!

Not so long ago, in my recent past

I tumbled and reached the sky.

A place too good to last!

I flew through it

the air whooshing past me

making me aware of the passing time.

Like a bird, I flew in blue

I met a cloud in white

and a rainbow in light !

I also befriended thunders

which were known to blunders!

I saw a little bit of rain

which seemed to take away my pain !

And also that tinkling sound in my ear

soothing!  It sounded very near.

I saw the world from up above

How small it seemed to me

when I had the vast sky !

A place very high

with cloud, rain and thunder for company

along with rainbow to make me happy !

A place of colours and dreams!

A place of never ending joy, it seemed !

It simply was awesome !

A place where lives blossom!

Giving hope to live on

to get up and run strong !

Alas! The time slipped away

as I made my way

back to my small world.

I passed the sky and landed on the ground

Silence giving way to loud sound !!


Shifa Naseer

8 thoughts on “The Sparkling SKY!

  1. Sorry for the delay in my reply, my friend was busy with eid! And I told him about you.. he said that you should contact him through email ‘ ‘ and he’ll tell you what to do and he’ll even contact the publishers… I wish the best for you !

  2. i have a suggestion, i think you should compile all your poems and talk to some publishers.. my friend did it and he is going to get published soon..he lives in kashmir and all his poems are about the recent turmoil….i think you should also get yourself published if your confident and you should be because you write really well….if i can be of any help feel free to ask 🙂

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