Tears Of Pain !

Falling from the heights of my eyes

a tiny drop of saline water

falling down my cheeks

my skin burns where it rolls

but i dont feel it

as the PAIN inside is much worse.

Rising from the depths of my heart

a stifled cry, choking me

my cheek is all damp

due to the brine on my face

an endless supply it seems to me

never exhausting, never stopping.

It is very strange that i am trying

later as i realise that i am crying!

That tiny drop which first landed on my cheek

that tiny drop which multiplied and drowned and flooded my mind

was what was falling from the height of my eyes

and rising from the depth of my heart.

You know what it is ?

My tears ! which come and go as they please.

I am just a victim of tears

which tend to destroy me

My tears dance on my cheeks

singing the songs of despair

I also join and sing along

th chorus line of their heart wrenching song !


Shifa Naseer

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