My Favourite Words

1. Indeed :
I love saying this word. Its weight and seriousness makes me feel more mature while talking. It is a very good reply to things you dont know what to reply. I mean someone says something wise, you can always go with ‘indeed’ while nodding your head and appearing to be in deep thoughts.

2. Spooky : I love this word. I dont know why but I love to say it out loud. I know its hardly ever used in normal conversations. But I love the “spooky” word.
Dont ask why but I do.

3. I Dont Know : My favourite reply. Maximum times people ask me things which I dont want to face or answer and hence IDK comes to the rescue. This line helps a lot in escaping from people’s prodding questions. I dont like long conversations and hence “i dont know”. It annoys people I know but I love it.

Shifa Naseer

Only Words

Hollow, empty words echo all around
Saying something no one understands
Being the best, but being the worst too
Lies, deception and farce
Fake and what not
They say, they make believe
In the end, only words.
Only words they are
Spoken without fear, without guilt
Made known time and again
Something no one wants to hear
We are all the same
With nothing in our greedy hands
Only mouths filled with wonderful words
Speeches overflowing the paper, ink dried on the white
Like little scars for all the lies
Only words in the end.

Shifa Naseer