My Happy Place


I have a wish. I wish which I wish from the depths of my heart. A wish which we all wish at some point in our lives. My wish is to live a life away from others. A place of solitude, of sanctity. A place which belonged to me alone where I could appreciate the nature of who I am and what surrounds me. A place where there are open grounds covered with grass greener than the green and wide seas with clear blue water stretching out to the horizon forever. The flowers with their colors so bright that one might fall in love with them. I would love to touch the flowers but never pick them! I would love to see the birds take flight and fly with such grace which would put many to shame. Then my eyes would turn to the sky. The sky reflecting the pure blue with an intensity that makes the eyes blink again and again. The sun with its shiny body, warming the world with its golden glow, high up in the sky. I would lay on the green grass facing the sky, letting the sunlight warm me up from head to toe, driving away the chills that have taken a permanent place in my heart and soul. The river would be flowing by my side and I would enjoy the gushing sound of the pure water. it would soothe my nerves which were on the edge for God knows how long. Then would come the night when the stars would show me various constellations so that I may enjoy the night sky. The black canopy decorated by the stars. Ah! that would be a sight to behold. To sleep beneath the wonderful world, a world where I would be all alone, no one to fear and no one to hide from. I would be just me, in my most simplest form. I would laugh without hesitation. I would smile my most genuine smile, just because I want to and not because I dont want people to know I am sad. There would be no one to talk to, no malicious people around, no conspiracy. Just me!

That is my wish which I want to be true. Dont you?


I look up at the starry night
As I have a wish to make
I close my eyes and raise my arms
To begin my wish with hope in my heart
There is no existence without you
Dont leave me as I will die
Its easier if I tell you this
Dont waste my life in tears and sighs
Dont die for I will fall
Dont die for I will cry
Please dont die for I will be lost
To those who hurt me
My wish is my hope to live
I strive, I hold on and I stand
Pinning my hopes to your strength
For you are all I ask for
Dont die even if they reject you
Dont fall even if they push you
Dont lose yourself even if they take away your flame
You are mine forever
I wont die as I have you
For every me, there is a you
This is my wish for which I live
Hoping to reep for all that I give

Shifa Naseer