Snowfall At Night 2

Due to many requests from my followers and friends who read my blog, to extend my poem “Snowfall at night”
I finally decided to write more.
Here goes …

The wait was over as the world slowly turned white
Flawless and clear, reflecting her face
Finally, finally he came back
Bowed down at her side, glancing at her lifeless form
He held that hand which had gone limp
It was icy cold, but he held on
He cried for his folly, he cried with his head hung low
He howled into the silent, white night
And looked out the same window
Tears falling without a break, he stared at the falling flakes
Oh how he burned with pain
How he was scorched by its intensity
He had made her wait
Wait for him, for them
While she decayed right in front of his sorry eyes.

Shifa Naseer