Not There By Your Side

Little baby, why do you cry
I am not there by your side!
I know you feel afraid
For they conspire against you
But your soul is still your own
Your demons are here to hear your moans
But dont let them rule you
Thwart them, defeat them
Let your wings free and fly away
No one will stop you, you can have your way
So bathe in the sunlight
Dance in the moonlight
Let your fears hide away
Tuck them safely out of reach
Enjoy the light, the brilliance of it
See the shine, so pure and divine
Forget the worries, let time do the work
All you do is hold your head high
And rejoice in the light
For sun and the moon are for you
Even if I am not by your side.

Burning The Midnight Oil


The light diminishing, darkness engulfing me
Surrounding me, causing me to retreat
The shadows play tricks, I shy away from them
I strike a match and light the lamp
Pour the oil and wait
Haunting my dreams, the dark reigns the room
My fears raise their heads, I bow to them
They scare me and I submit myself to them
Looking around, on my guard
I sit straight as I wait for the sun
To show its face, to end the agony
For I am burning the midnight oil by the window
Staring at the horizon for the first streak of its glow.

What I was

I was a soap bubble, all smooth and soft 

Transparent on either side, the air holding me aloft 

I was into myself, the world was me 

I held no one, no one held me

I was open and I was free,

I was as vast and as deep as the open sea

I was the bright blue sky, I was the true blue 

I had it in me, the shine and glitter, all true.


I was that green garden where flowers held mass 

Singing lullabies, a dance gathering

I was the tree in that garden, I was a flower 

I was all the green grass blades and I was the wild bush

I was the bee, chasing you 

I was the foliage, shading you 


But now that I lost what I was 

You gave me an escape

You let me out through the back door

You saved me from the destruction which was in store

The blue sky, the green grass

The mighty sun, the shiny stars 

 No one is mine, for all is lost 

I am lost and out the back door 

Away from everything, off to find another shore.

Their Love

sun moonThe Sun in love with the moon never bathed in its glory

while the moon drunk with the passion for the sun

never saw it set ablaze the world.

Their reflections mingling together
But never really able to meet
Blind love they have,
Passion so deep, one fears to look

She took all day to adorn herself
Dreamed about the beauty of his rising
The dawn arrived and she was ready
Her shine dimming
As the sun stretched and spread its wings
Looking eagerly around to find a glimpse
But alas! She was under the veil
She screamed at her beloved
To find her, to see her
To hold, to touch
But he hung his head
Had it not been that he was so bright
He wouldve had her by now
Feeling her absense, his loss
Setting low, leaving behind a bruise
A sorrow which the now unveiled moon must carry.