Why Dont You?

You say that you care, if you do then show it!
Why dont you?

You say that you are there for me
If you are, then assure me!
Why dont you?

You say that you love me
If you do, then express it!
Why dont you?

You say you are my friend
If you are, then act like one
Why dont you?

You say that you wont let me go
If you wont, then stop me!
Why dont you?

You say you value me
If you do, then prove it!
Why dont you?

You say I am not alone
If I still feel so then make me feel otherwise
Why dont you?

You say I should trust you
If you are confident enough then make me!
Why dont you?

But I say I have never felt more lonely
I say that I have never felt more cold
I say that I have never felt so exposed
I say make me feel warm
I say make me feel loved
I say make me feel wanted
I say make me feel whole
Why dont you?

Shifa Naseer

Somehow Seen

Somehow she managed to smile, to look peaceful on the outside when there was a war inside.

Somehow she made everyone’s day while hers had been marked dead, made them smile while it had been ages since she had smiled herself.

Somehow she pulled herself together when she was broken to pieces just to save others from falling apart, to make them strong, to help them hold on.

Somehow she lived each day with people who would never miss her other than the time when they needed her.

Somehow she still  lived with the truth that people only took advantage of her patience and perseverance. She still managed not to appear hurt and smile throughout.

Somehow the person who smiled and smiled, didnt feel the tears leaking from her eyes. No one saw those tears.

No one.

But me.

When I saw her tears, I fell to my knees.

Her tears were pure, they were real

She was hurt and in pain

No one saw her, no one knew her

They all claimed to be her friend but she was alone and no one realised that

Pity on her. Shame on them

When I saw her tears, my heart broke.

My pain was so sharp but it was a fraction of her pain which touched me

I died a little inside knowing her struggles, her hurdles

The sorrows she beared, the pains she took

The walk she walked, the talks she talked!

I couldnt see her this way and I turned away

Leaving her with the black shadows

Somehow she managed to live in them

Somehow she managed to remain unseen

To stay hidden

The Aura

Surrounded by the dark mist
Black and bold all around
With the greenish touch to the smog it brings
From dying hearts, it springs.
The aura.
Grabbing those who do not know
This shadow, this invisible foe
Gnawing at the souls, sucking life from the core.
Spreading wide, this mist, like tide
Leaving no place for the souls to hide
The feel, the setting gloom
Like death.
The mist, my home, my birth
I live in it, I breathe it in
I survive it, I die in it
I exist, I do not live
I smile, I do not reflect
Like monotonous.
The aura in my soul
The aura in my body
Seeping through.
Like a murder.

Shifa Naseer

Loss And All

Drifting apart
Falling to pieces
As I try to keep myself together
The more I try, the more I realise
Truth behind the deceitful lies
I am bound to lose
Forever indebted to you
Everything gone, smashed and torn
Ever survived the loss?
What if I had?
But the events itself were sad
Pitiable as I was weak
To the core and beneath
Quivering knees as I bow in defeat
Losing everything while I watch with death by my side
Losing the beauty, the purity
Leaving behind a memory
Of loss and everything that has come to pass.

Shifa Naseer

Scary Depths

I want to go
A place that I heard of
A dreamy place of my own
To earn my peace
The peace I long for since forever
I want to sink to the depths
Never to be seen
Never to be heard of
To be talked about
I never wish to remain
But to vanish into the depths
Accepting the blissful silence
My cries no longer to be heard
I wish to remain alive in the depths.

Shifa Naseer

Mirza Galib : King of Urdu Poetry

ye na thee hamaaree qismat ke
wisaal-e-yaar hota
agar aur jeete rehte yahee intezaar
tere waade par jiye ham to ye jaan
jhooT jaanaa
ke KHushee se mar na jaate agar ?
eitabaar hota

These are my favorite lines of Galib. These lines are so deep that it leaves one pondering forever. It is fit from a romantic point of view where a lover longs for his beloved. It may be fit in the religious sense too. A devotee calling out to his divinity. Each perspective is more enthralling and interesting than the other. Each idea reflected in these lines is beautifully displayed in the most mannered of languages: urdu.


Kahu kis se ki kya kiya hai
shabe gam buri bala hai
mujhe kya bura tha marna
gar ek baar hota

These lines touch the heart. In these lines, Galib has intricately displayed one’s emotions to which one can easily relate.

Galib was a renowned poet of his time. He still continues to rule urdu poetry filled with love and heartbreak.
Truely a legend : Mirza Galib.

Shifa Naseer