Now You Know

Those pages I filled, put ink on paper

Those words I wrote, my heart and my soul

Now you know.

What is hidden, all that is in me

The bitterness, the negativity

Now you know.

The fact remains that I love you so

To look you in the eye as you look in mine

For now you know.

Exposed, I stand

No barriers anymore, no secrets

that you don’t know.

The Child Who Could Not See

On the bench, in the park, I sat next to a child who was looking over the lake nearby. He was not wearing sunglasses and I was amazed that he was facing the sun without squinting his eyes. He had a water bottle in his hand on which there was a picture of “spongebob squarepants”. I smiled at him but he took no notice. I was exhausted from my run and was panting hard. At first I didnt think he noticed me, but then he passed his water bottle to me. I smiled at him gratefully and took a sip.

I handed him back his water bottle. I sat straight and looked forward like him. I couldnt help but squint my eyes from the sun. I looked at him and he seemed perfectly alright looking in the direction of the morning sun!

I was surprised. I asked him how he could do that. He smiled. I couldnt make out the meaning of that smile. It seemed amusing and sorrowful at the same time. I waited for him to reply. 

Quite some time passed and I looked at my watch. I still had some time at my disposal before heading home.

Just then he cleared his throat and without looking away from the sun, he asked me to look.

I said where.

He said just look.

I again said where!

He smiled and drew a breath.

Look around you, what do you see?

Do you see the fresh, green grass? Greener than the green!

 When I asked you to look

Did you look at the sky or did you look at me?

Did you look at the lake you see or did you turn your face to the sun?

When I asked you to look

Did you see the pretty colorful flowers and the bees around them?

Did you look for the birds in the trees singing the songs of spring?

If you didnt look, look again!

I bet you wont be able to turn your gaze!

Thats when I looked and thats when I saw

I opened my mind’s eye and looked

Nothing was out of place, nothing had a flaw

I was awed as I looked!

I looked and I couldnt look away!

I smiled and he smiled with me

Together we sat on the bench, in the park


After some time, a girl around my age came to our bench. She smiled at me and took the child’s hand who had shown me what I had been missing! She guided him towards the exit of the park. I couldnt help but notice that the girl was guiding and helping the child to walk. It was almost as if … as if the child was … 

NO! It couldnt be! As the realisation dawned on me. I felt ashamed that a person who couldnt see, knew so much about beauty and color and purity. While I, who never even bothered, was blind to all of that!


I bowed my head and I felt sorry that I didnt have the sight!

For he saw all that even though he was blind 

While I sat here with my visionless eyes!

Wish I Could Say

I wish I could use the words 

The words which are held inside

I wish I could say what I feel

What I have, what I believe

All that I wanted to say

Stays inside

The multitude of emotions

The solidarity of my silence 

A piercing, lasting one

My eyes trying to convey

All that I ever wanted to say 

I wish I could overcome my stammer

Just get it out in to the open 

Let my feelings flow, let nothing come in my way 

If I loved, I wish I could say it 

If I cared, I wish I could show it

Deny myself what I am

Just be what I wanted to be for one night

I wish I could say it all

That is hidden inside me

Beneath the layers of lies

Defying everything that I ever stood for.


Some days I worry less, but still gather strength 

Many days, there’s the same old routine; mundane

Other days I gather the wrinkled leaves

Bundle them up and burn them up

I enjoy the heat, the blaze of the flame

Some days, I find no leaves and I feel cold

A weary disappointment as I fall asleep in the freezing lap 

Many days, I find a log, a big one if lucky 

I worship it with fire and I mingle both together 

Fire and fuel,

Fuel and wood,

Wood and me

And me with the fire

Together we lit the nights, warm!

As the day betrays again and again

I find solace in the night 

With the leaves and the logs 

With the fire and the morning frost

Not Me

I see the world through a veil 

A dark cloud with more dark clouds

No opening, no silver lining

I feel the presence of my former self

Emboldened by darkness, hidden by light

I see you follow me, a wrong decision indeed

I see the depth and not the beauty 

I feel the air but not purity 

This could go on and on

How long are you willing to be strong 

For I am leading you to destruction 

My destruction leading to yours

So let me go and let me be 

Take a turn, down the road 

And never look back at me 

For my path is lit with lights 

Leading and guiding me to unknown heights 

Shot At Urdu Poetry

Tum The Nahi

Zindagi ke utaar chadhao mai kho diya tum ko kahin
Tum kehte the saath ho mere, par kabhi saath the nahin

Hum tum se kya gila karein jab khud bhi the behosh pade
Hosh toh aata tha kabhi, par tumhare saath kabhi hosh mai the nahi

Insaan hoon, galtiyon se seekhta hoon
Aik jo galti hui mujh se, maaf karne ke liye tum yahan the nahin

Tadapte the tumhari ik nazar ke liye, socha yaadon se kaam chala lun
Par hua yeh meri kismat mai ki yaadon mai bhi tum the nahin.

This is my first attempt to write urdu poetry. I am thinking of writing in urdu as well. I hope I do. 🙂

Sir Muhammad Iqbal

Duniya Ki Mehfilon Se Uktaa Gya Hoon Ya Rabb

Kya Lutf Anjuman Ka, Jab Dil Hi Bujh Gya Ho?


Sir Iqbal was a very influential poet and wove magic into the words he spun around in his poems. He brings out the deep, buried feelings of a person. He inspires through his poems towards one’s conscience. It pulls a person into its depths and makes one reflect at the inner self. He was a passionate person who covered all fields and subjects through poetry. He voiced his feelings during the freedom struggle and inspired the people of India to fight. He instilled courage in the hearts of people. “I have seen the movement of the sinews of the sky, And the blood coursing in the veins of the moon.” “IQBAL” Words are a powerful tool and if known how to use it, a man can make history. Sir Iqbal was one such person. A jewel among the various urdu poets.

Ata Hai Yad Mujhko Guzara Hua Zamana

Wo Bag Ki Baharen Wo Sab Ka Chah-Chahana.

All of us have read these lines. Totally mesmerising poem with so much depth that one cannot touch the bottom.
sitaaro.n se aage jahaa.N aur bhii hai.n

abhii ishq ke imtihaa.N aur bhii hai.n

taahii zindagii se nahii.n

ye fazaaye.n yahaa.N

saika.Do.n kaaravaa.N aur bhii hai.n

kanaa’at na kar aalam-e-rang-o-bu

par chaman aur bhii,

aashiyaa.N aur bhii hai.

n agar kho gayaa ek nasheman to kyaa Gam

maqaamaat-e-aah-o-fugaa.N aur bhii hai.n

tuu shahii.n hai parwaaz hai kaam

teraa tere saamane aasmaa.N aur bhii hai.n

isii roz-o-shab me.n ulajh kar

na rah jaa ke tere zamiin-o-makaa.N aur bhii hai.n

gae din kii tanhaa thaa mai.n

a.njuman me.n yahaa.N ab mere raazadaa.N aur bhii hai.n


Wow! 😀

Shifa Naseer