Loss And All

Drifting apart
Falling to pieces
As I try to keep myself together
The more I try, the more I realise
Truth behind the deceitful lies
I am bound to lose
Forever indebted to you
Everything gone, smashed and torn
Ever survived the loss?
What if I had?
But the events itself were sad
Pitiable as I was weak
To the core and beneath
Quivering knees as I bow in defeat
Losing everything while I watch with death by my side
Losing the beauty, the purity
Leaving behind a memory
Of loss and everything that has come to pass.

Shifa Naseer


New Style

No matter how much I push away
Push away with all my heart
Straining my heart
My heart with all its wailing
Hurting to my core
The core burning with desire
The desire to love what’s forbidden
Forbidden for me.

Shifa Naseer