A Face In The Crowd

Today while walking home from tuition, I saw something that stirred me inside. I was truely touched by the sight.
A lady was walking with her two small children, carrying their school bags. The lady must’ve been young but looked quite old by her appearance. She looked tired and worn out. She was wearing a faded scarf and salwar kameez. She was walking behind her two little children who were trodding happily in front of her. She seemed tense. It may be because the parraypora road is quite crowded and she was trying to keep her eyes on her children.
The children were in their school uniforms. I didnt recognise the uniform so I dont know about the school. Their uniforms were a little shabby but neat and tidy. Judging by their appearance, they werent that well off. I felt bad about it. I kept thinking about that lady. How much she would struggle each day to take her children to school until they grow up enough to do that themselves. Sigh. It made me realise that no matter how big our problems are, there’s always someone who’s condition is worse than ours. That lady looked quite old for her years. She had that look about her which felt that no one knew what she had to face. How much she had had to cope, to struggle to work hard.
But it might also be the fact that I am reading too much into a face.

Hail her who cares for you
Praise her who sacrifices for you
Live for her, always and forever
Never take her granted, for she is your mother.


Happy Birthday, Maa

Today is 10th February. It is my maa’s birthday. We had got a cake for her to cut at 12 o clock. Sadly, she doesnt like celebrating but that does not mean we cannot try and make efforts. #wise nod
Happy Birthday, Maa!!! May you live long. May you stay happy and radiant
The love you gave
Can never be repaid
But I try to compensate
A lil bit from my side
Efforts simply are not enough
But I love you and so I try
Coz its maa’s birthday tonight!

Shifa Naseer


Sleep little one for you are my soul
Without you, I can never feel whole
You are my life
I will take to out to fairies tonight
Just close your eyes and relax for the night
The stars outside are gazing at you
There eyes full of light and love
The moon wanders near your window
To look at my tiny jewel
But your mother is so protective
She wont let him have you just yet
You are mine, dear one
As I am yours
Together we build a world of love
I care for your rozy cheeks
I love you for all you are
Just close your eyes knowing that
Your mother is right here
Always by your side.

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