Now You Know

Those pages I filled, put ink on paper

Those words I wrote, my heart and my soul

Now you know.

What is hidden, all that is in me

The bitterness, the negativity

Now you know.

The fact remains that I love you so

To look you in the eye as you look in mine

For now you know.

Exposed, I stand

No barriers anymore, no secrets

that you don’t know.


There was a whisper. If she hadn’t been listening for so long, she wouldn’t have heard it. The whisper was fading. It was like the voice was moving away. She couldn’t just stand there. She knew it would be foolish but she still felt her feet drag on the forest floor, crunching the dried up leaves as she stepped on them. The crunching sound seemed to be so loud in the darkness that she stopped. She strained to hear more but no sound was heard. The wind was dead. Not even a single leaf was ruffling on the trees. The moribund autumn was giving way to cold chilly evenings.

She decided to return to her warm hut as the chill finally reached her through her layer of clothes. She turned around and went back the way she had come. But her mind was with the whisper of her name in the darkness. She did not know why she had come out of the hut at this hour. It was like someone was calling her. It seemed a good idea then to go out for a walk. Strange!

She kept walking silently till she saw the tiny lights of her hut where she lived these days. It wasn’t much but it was home. There was still one place where she didnt feel afraid. The huge fireplace, built for cooking in the old times was so comforting. She used to sleep in front of it in winter. She shuddered as she felt the chills again running down her back.

Finally, she reached her hut. She opened the wooden door and felt the heat coming from the fire she had lit at the time of dusk. She smiled and closed the door behind her.

It wasn’t much of a life that she had wanted for herself but she was happy.


Coming To Life

I stand by my words, I stand by you
Your reflection, your shadow, Its true!
You hurt, I hurt.
But I never show.
You bleed blood, I bleed tears.
You walk a different walk
A parallel universe
Yet somehow, somewhere our paths cross
We fight, our mountainous egoes clash!
Like thunder, like storm we link!
From two different worlds, seconds away from destruction!
We tend to destroy
Like two sides of a coin.
Different yet so alike.
I imagined you, you came to life. Same as ever.
A dream I had. A fantasy I spinned.
A support I asked. And You were found.
I saw you then. And I see you now.
No common ground and yet we stand
Not holding, not even trying
Still we stand
Stand face to face
Fighting battles of our own
To please, to be there in the moment
We share.
Unique it is.
Imagination coming to life.
Our lives.

Some Things Cant Be Replaced

There is light and there is dark
There is day and there is night
There is sun and it is so bright
Then the moon with its majestic light
Fragrance of those flowers in the meadow
Wet due to the early glistening dew
Also the colours that we see
Makes me realise where we all would be
Had the trees not sustained us
Had the nature not been so nurturing
Heart and its vices, less virtues
More selfish
Hurts other hearts too
Foegetting that hearts cannot be replaced
Like the sun is one
And the moon is one
Like the fragrance is unique
Heart and its emotions, so silly it seems
But it equally hurts, it equally makes you want to rip it out.
Some things are important in life
They cant be replaced
Treasure those things for they may pass
Leaving behind the barren lands
The lands that once were lusciously green

Hard To Say The Final Goodbye

Seeing you getting old, seeing the sparkle diminish from your eyes
The dark truth lying at the horizon, looming forth with the speed of light
Years passing in a rush, trying to hold on to seconds
Dreading the moment when you give up
Throw this life in our faces and go
Leave me alone and alone here to mourn
Not caring if I still needed you, nor believing if I told you
You had a mind of your own, a spirit of the moon taken on loan
Seeing you getting old day by day
Getting weak, getting feeble, getting in the way
We battle with eyes, to stay or not to stay
Mine reflecting plea, yours determined
You wont bend, neither will I
Not prepared to say the final goodbye
I refuse to accept that you are old
For me you will be the same forever,
For I am too weak to let you go
As life leaves your body, with a speed so deadly yet slow.



No matter how much you try to run from what you feel, who you really are, you wont be able to avoid the end when you got to face what you were trying to run from. That day will be without doubt the scariest day of your existence, when you finally confront your fears, give vent to your feelings, accept who you are and accept others as they are.


Shifa Naseer


Ink And Paper

Take the ink, fill your pen
Jot down on paper
The last lesson learned
Every moment of hurt, of pain
Write your story with ink on paper
Make it solid, make it known
Say it all, say it now
Dont hold anything back
Refill your pen and write with ink
Known death, known sorrow
Battled pain and left you hollow
Write how it began and put into words the end
Find the will, turn feelings to words
With ink on paper
If you dont want it known
Just burn the paper and spill the ink
The last lesson learnt, made you sad
Life showed you in one round
How cruel it can be
So burn the paper and spill the ink
Drop the facade, cut off the link.