Rejoice In Your Sorrows

Smile through pain, laugh while you still can
Push your limits
Go far
Go beyond
See the world in a different light
As you endure, as you give up each delight
Pass each moment with a grace
Defy sadness by breaking the chain
Smile till your facial muscles hurt
Be ruthless, no mercy for your soul
Cry rivers but never show
Just smile and stay low
Hope to hold on
Believe to stay strong
Rejoice in your pain
Celebrate the madness
For you can pull it off
If you hold the torch of happiness aloft.

Silly Symphonies

I absolutely adore the Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies. They are totally amazing. Even though they have no dialogs but these symphonies are a perfect example of “actions speak louder than words”. These symphonies are not more than 10 minute or 15 minute long but these can make you laugh so hard or make you cry your eyes out. Now coming to my preference, which we always do, I totally adore “The Ugly Duckling” Silly Symphony.

Look at that adorable face! Well this symphony made me laugh a lot. It made me cry a lot too. Its perfect. I have already posted the story on my blog. If you haven’t read the story yet, you can check it in the january, 2013 archives. Another one of my favourites is “The Big Bad Wolf”.


It is basically a song. It used to be my favourite while growing up. The song was Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf … and continued. I used to love it’s hindi version though kaun darta hai bhedye se … . Totally adorable pigs with a totally barbaric and clever wolf.


Well, there are many more silly symphonies. The above mentioned are the ones I watch again and again. Relishing and reminiscing my childhood by watching these symphonies.

Shifa Naseer