Snowfall At Night 2

Due to many requests from my followers and friends who read my blog, to extend my poem “Snowfall at night”
I finally decided to write more.
Here goes …

The wait was over as the world slowly turned white
Flawless and clear, reflecting her face
Finally, finally he came back
Bowed down at her side, glancing at her lifeless form
He held that hand which had gone limp
It was icy cold, but he held on
He cried for his folly, he cried with his head hung low
He howled into the silent, white night
And looked out the same window
Tears falling without a break, he stared at the falling flakes
Oh how he burned with pain
How he was scorched by its intensity
He had made her wait
Wait for him, for them
While she decayed right in front of his sorry eyes.

Shifa Naseer


Using The Last Of What I Have

There was once a time when I would’ve loved to have a schedule which I have now. I leave home at 6:30 am in the morning and actually ( without exaggeration) enter home at 6:30 pm in the evening. I juggle around 5 classes at tuitions per day with a 6th class on weekends. Right now, I have tears in my eyes as I struggle to write this post. I am on the verge of breakdown. My original plan was to wear myself down so I would not ‘think’ about all that haunts me but its actually making me live my nightmare. Its too hectic for me. As they say “be careful what you wish for”.

No time to breathe
All I do is run
From the world, from myself
I hide behind the busy
I cringe away, unable to face
While I wear myself down
To a point where I am flat on the ground …
#almost dead
#nearing a massive breakdown
#fed up me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

Shifa Naseer

No Response

I knocked on the door of heaven and above
Stood there, tattered and torn
Screaming pleas and all that I could think of
Hoping against hope for a guide to guide
Through the tough times, always by my side
Knocking, clawing, at the door
With a stubborn lock so rude
It didnt budge and neither did I find solace
Until my strength waned
And blood froze in my veins
I continued my struggle, my urge to survive
But I got no response, no reply
Only silence as I bowed there
With a hopeless and saddened heart.

Shifa Naseer

Defeat Through Tears

Cant explain the tears that fall
Uninviting onto my cheeks
And down the chin they go
And fall into my open, empty hands
As I stare at them
I feel wounded and torn
A part of me snatched away
As easily as breathing is
No one seems to see me
As invisible as the air, I am
How many times can I say
That I am hurt and bleeding
No one, not one knows how I feel
Loser, I become, as I kneel
To the unseen forces
That hasten my fall
Fall through my strength
And fall through my tears
Without mercy, without fear.

Shifa Naseer

Considering Each Side

Looking at her dad
Eyes filled with expectations
Longing for her father to look back
To say that he loves her
To hold her in his arms
To cherish the moments they share
But he never did
She waited and kept on waiting
While she lived like a servant in her own home
Her brother went to a place called “school”
But she was not allowed to go out
Cooped up in her home
She ached for the open ground
The feel of dew as she would walk on the grass
The morning breeze caressing her
The night bringing solace
Sadly, she never saw it
Years later, she was adorned with jewels so rare
Oh how she squealed with delight
Felt that her father had finally noticed her
As she went to him
All dressed and proud
She was handed over to someone else
She didnt understand
She had done nothing wrong
But daddy was sending her away!
As the realisation dawned
She writhed and screamed
Consumed by her rage
All it took was a slap across her face
Silencing her for her lifetime
Whisked away to a stranger’s place
To die, to hide, to waste

Shifa Naseer

The Rage In Me

Anger boils in me
For people who dont care
Care to see that they hurt me
But no! They dont!
They make it worse
Make my life a curse
The subdued anger is poison
It eats me away
I become all ash and flakes
Blow with the wind in rage
A pure rage of contempt
Rage for their ignorance
I might die as it is too much
Die for anger, die for relief
Die for pain, die for ease

Shifa Naseer

Going Away!

I need a break. My nerves are on the edge. I am angry at so many people at the same time, it makes me go bonkers. Urgh!
And the worst part is no one knows how angry I really am. It is totally not fair. I bear the hurt and then I got to bear the anger.
There was a time when I used to take out my anger all the time. It now seems like I can never do that. I dont take out my anger at all. Its sick and awful.
#scowling . And so I am doing what I am best at and that is running away. I need some time away from people. All of them.
All too tired and angry.

Shifa Naseer